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Having a graduation or getting trained in a particular area won't make you an in-demand professional. It needs pure hands in industry projects and that surrounding with like minded and like skilled people.

Internships are playing a major role in giving you the said type of exposure. Getting an Internship in kochi is easy, but what it makes count is the company you choose. Anyone can offer an internship in kochi, its your responsibility to filter and start with those who have direct contact with day to day Industry projects.

Being a subsidiary of Aabasoft Technologies operating from Infopark, kochi we have the most experienced professionals and industry projects where you can try-out the knowledge you have learned from the trainings. Its all about applying the technical knowledge you have acquired through different programs in an industry project by being a part of an efficient development team of Aabasoft.

Internship in Kochi

Academic Internship

As a part of graduation universities are pushing students to get short term internships from corresponding industry. Innostack is privileged to express our deep happiness in being one of the best in the segment. We have helped more that 200 students to bring smiles in their face through our short term informative technical internship in last year. During the process you will be introduced to the experts of Aabasoft Technologies and sessions will be scheduled based on their availability. You will be getting familiarise to new technologies based on the trends in the market with a focus on your future. The short period is not an issue since this can do wonders in your career. This Internship in Kochi Innostack will be a great opportunity to get familiarise with technology and a corporate feel during your college days.

Industry Internship

Getting a real Industry Internship in kochi is a tedious task since many of the institutes are offering the same without even having a relation with actual industry. Innostack knows the importance of an Industry internship and are coordinating with our parent company Aabasoft Technologies operating from Infopark to help you on this. Aabasoft Internship process starts with a test at corporate office based on the training happening at Innostack. To get eligible for an internship you should join for the training process in any of the technology available at innostack and prove your capability by scoring the cut off mark through an exam. Those who are crossing the test will be awarded with a 1 month long FREE internship at infopark campus of Aabasoft. This will be a wonderful opportunity for job seekers especially freshers who are in search for a job in this competitive market. Students who are waiting for the results can win a free internship at Infopark, kochi with Aabasoft through this process. This will be a level were you will be in an actual work environment surrounded with people who are experts. It can give you that extra vibe and capabilities to perform well and to find your first IT job easily. Usually Aabasoft absorbs those who perform well during the Internship period. You can be next.!

Why You Need To Try This?
  • Companies are expecting more from a fresher these days.
  • It can give you technical as well as practical level confidence.
  • You can work with industry projects.
  • You can feel the real work pressure, this will transform you into a plug & play developer.
  • Get to know the tech culture.
  • You can easily grab your first it job.

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