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blog-Tips to Remember While Preparing Your Resume
Tips to Remember While Preparing Your Resume
Tips to Remember While Preparing Your Resume innoadmin

A resume is an abstract document that is characterized by the various features shaping the job aspirant in you. These aspects include educational qualifications, acquired skills, prior job experiences, and such other features. A resume is the first document that you present to companies that you have applied in search of a particular job. Being the ‘trump card’, your resume is the decisive factor of your chances in an organization. So it is vital to make a presentable and intelligent resume.

What are the various concocts that make your resume an outsmart one from others’? Well, there are several things to be taken care of right from the template used for preparing your resume to the references that you put in the end. In this article, we will have a thorough examination of the components that makes your resume a remarkable one.

Template Chosen for the Resume:

A resume is purely a formal business. So there is no room for funkiness in it. Templates that have light shade borders and separate sections for highlighting your education, experience, and other relevant matters may be opted. Certain resumes have a section for pasting your photo. This feature in the resume is differently perceived by different companies. Attaching photo in your resume is a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ for various organizations. Hence, we suggest that you do not opt that because it is ok if there is no picture of yours in the resume, but it might be a reason that ‘raises eyebrows’ for others. Summarizing, a resume should have:

  • 1-3 pages
  • Legible font
  • Clearly divided sections with headings
  • Light colored margins with enough white background

Types of Resume:

Based on the aspirant’s education and work experience details, there are basically three types of resumes:

Reverse Chronological Order Resume: The most opted format of resume. This is meant for applicants who have a very strong history of previous work experiences. This resume will be strong support for those who are particularly looking for a specific role. In this format, the content is entered in the reverse format i.e.

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Career Objective
  3. Work Experience
  4. Educational Qualifications
  5. Skills
  6. Certification and awards

Skill Based Resume: This resume is meant for those who are recent graduates who do not have a previous work experience to detail about. For such candidates, it is vital to details the skills they possess.

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Qualification summary
  3. Career Objective
  4. Relevant skills
  5. Educational Qualifications
  6. Certification and awards

In this resume, the ‘Relevant skills’ section has to contain the healthy details about his/her skills as this will be the utmost selling proposition of that candidate.

Combination Resume: Whatever skills and work experiences that you have for the desired role may be detailed in this format. The Combination Resume will be a little vast than the other two formats and is the most content-rich format in terms of the potentials that the candidate possesses.

  1. Name and Contact Details
  2. Summary about Profession
  3. Work experience
  4. Skillset
  5. Educational Qualifications

In Reverse Chronological Order Resume and Combination Resume, keeping a reference or two will be helpful for the companies you apply for, as it eases their background verification process. Just remember that you rightly furnish the name, job title and contact details of your previous employer/co-worker/manager.

It is always advisable and advantageous for candidates with or without experience to undergo certain internships or courses that would strengthen their resume and hence job profile. For inexperienced candidates, there are orientation and internship programs and for experienced personnel, there are certifications for their own added advantage. Such courses, internship programs, and certifications will always be a vital factor that bridges the gap between education and industry. Adding valid soft skills in the resume will always be an added advantage.


Whichever format you choose, the most important matter is the truthfulness in the substances that you have detailed in your resume. An apt and genuine resume is the key to your desired career. Good luck with your job hunt!

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