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blog-The Latitude of ‘Paperlez’ Office
The Latitude of ‘Paperlez’ Office
The Latitude of ‘Paperlez’ Office innoadmin

When we step into an office- a bank or government office or school- what is the first drawback that comes to our attention? It will be the huge chunks of files and the paper-filled cabinets! Even though it may not have our attention, there are lots of amendments required on certain internal processes of institutions like task allocation, information flow, meeting arrangements, note sharing and other factors that contribute to the organization’s overall performance and efficiency. ‘Paperlez’ addresses all these issues and is your major and quickest way to an automated office system.

To bottleneck the use of paper-oriented work culture, we have vast opportunities for technologies in the forefront-‘Paperlez’ being one. Why do we need to switch to ‘Paperlez’ office? What are the possible advantages? What are the modules involved? Let’s take a walk through…

What is ‘Paperlez’?

‘Paperlez’ is the maiden tool to office automation for any organization. The different modules in ‘Paperlez’ help you with managing the various prerequisites that help you improve your work milieu. How does ‘Paperlez’ work? Here is how…

1. The first step is converting the paper-based works into files in the system that is attained through Document Module. This is the most time-consuming and demanding module but once it commences, there will be precision in details associated with each file like Name, Author, Date, Department, etc. but once the files are transferred to the system, there will be ease of workflow and information between personnel and departments.

2. The Task Module tracks the time-related information of different files. It can handle a particular task’s time duration, the various phases involved and the time is taken for completing a particular task. This module addresses such factors that are mostly for the purpose of completion of tasks on time and futuristic references. 

3. For creating notes, tags to be associated with notes and sharing of these notes, we have Note Module in ‘Paperlez’. By creating notes and tagging, there will be efficient time management because the users can search for relevant matters in less time.

4. Organizations have a disorderly system of conducting meetings. ‘Paperlez’ has Meeting Module that facilitates in determining the meeting place, attendees, attendance and MOM.

What are the advantages of going to ‘Paperlez’?

Through ‘Paperlez’, organizations can upgrade their management in factors like time, space, cost, manpower, etc. On the whole, it will ultimately result in improved efficiency and effectiveness, self-adequacy, self-sustenance, and a synchronized internal and external environment. Organizations become environmentally more committed with the low usage of paper files and by shifting to a less-paper work process. Eventually, it is expected that ‘Paperlez’ will transform your organization into a literally ‘paperless’ workplace.

The Scope of ‘Paperlez’:

With ‘Paperlez’, a number of organizations like Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Law Firms, and Government Offices, Banking and Finance Sector, Small and Medium Enterprise, etc. can benefit in a number of ways. 

When there is a smooth flow of work and information among personnel in an office, the ultimate benefiters of which being the organization itself. Even though there is an initial hiccup in commencing, implementing and practicing ‘Paperlez’, the final result is the improved functionality of the institute employing the technology.

The futuristic scope of ‘Paperlez’ is wide and is gaining more attention of a number of organizations. The study of this technology has a growing demand as in near future more companies are anticipated to be on the look-out for opportunities of converting to ‘Paperlez’ office and hence there will be a proportionate want for programmers who can contribute to the enactment and betterment of the ‘Paperlez’ technology. 

For more details regarding Paperlez Office check out: http://www.paperlez.com/ 

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