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blog-Polish Your Skills & Mold Yourself Into The Exemplary Resource That The Companies Are In Search For…
Polish Your Skills & Mold Yourself Into The Exemplary Resource That The Companies Are In Search For…
Polish Your Skills & Mold Yourself Into The Exemplary Resource That The Companies Are In Search For… innoadmin

Education is the crucial element that you firstly need when in search of a job. However, over the years the work culture, the education culture, and other significant factors are varying at a large pace. These factors can be coped up with proper introspection and training.

These dynamics are the reasons for a ‘gap’ between education and industry- it is a sad, but true fact! In order to bridge this gap, people choose to attend training platforms that would edify them in soft skills (like Time Management) and hard skills (like cloud computing).

Say, you are looking for a job and you applied to one company. The company will check your educational qualification and will decide whether or not to call you up and schedule an interview. Let’s assume that your educational background is good enough for the company to schedule an interview. But at the time of the interview what would really come to your assistance? Is it your educational qualification? To some extent, YES, but not entirely! The element that will largely come to your assistance in an interview will be the soft skills and the hard skills that you have earned over the years.

In order to have your pick of jobs, one needs to have strong technical skills and strong human skills. These skills are also relevant for individuals to earn high salary packages too. Let’s take a walk through of how training in these skills will result in the biggest impact…

Soft Skills You Should Develop?

Soft Skills



Employees have to think a step ahead. Their thought has to be productive and contributing. The creativity of the employees is always welcomed by companies. This is the reason why companies have brainstorming sessions for constructive contributions towards the development of both employee and company.


Self-motivation is the driving force of persuasion. The employee has to be mentally persuasive in doing their tasks and when it comes to selling a product or service.


The complexity involved in carrying out projects is much reduced with the proper concord with the team. An employee is expected to be a team player and team leader, as the situation demands.


Every factor associated with work is dynamic-be its technology, process or internal /external environments. The employee has to be in pace with these dynamics and have a firm grip on his potential tasks.

Time Management

Time is a ‘forever highly demanded’ skill that the companies would expect you to have. Efficient time management skills will improve the quality of your work.

Hard Skills Companies Look For…

1. Mobile Application Development: In the current mobile era, we have millions of mobile apps. The success measurement of the mobile app is the capability of taking your business to the consumer’s hand. A critical study of the programming language and software development environment for developing mobile apps has an exponentially high space-age value and it is one among the desired set of hard skill companies look for.

2. Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is the source of continuous lead generation and hence sales. Learning online methods of lead generation has high possibilities as more and more people are going online and this is where companies generate their income. So a person who has enough knowledge on how to tackle the online market will be more welcomed at organizations.

3. Social Media Marketing: The marketing of a company’s product/service is comprehended in precise metrics through Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Search Engine Optimization, Data Mining, and many other terminologies. The person who is self-sufficient by educating oneself of these technologies and closely watching the online marketing world will have more opportunities to explore.

4. Data Science: Data Scientist with imperative knowledge in a language, tool or concept of Data Science along with frequent refining of core skills has much to do in the industry. This is commented to be one of the most demanded jobs in the approaching years. Python, MachineCon, Cypher are the essential skills that you need to get training on if you want to be a Data Scientist.

5. Competitive Strategies: Management geeks can encompass the trend of the market and determine what would make their company stand out from the rest. Every company will have a competitive advantage in its credit and developing that advantage with one’s strategic skillset and analyzing power can lure the company into hiring such personnel.

6. Business Analysis: People who have hands-on experience in problem-solving and co-ordination can carry out business analysis procedures.  Enterprise architecture, Requirement Management Tool, Defect Management Tool, etc. are the skills that Business Analysts should educate themselves in.

7. Customer Service System: Customer is the king and hence who has well-developed skill in people management (probably Management graduate) are eligible for such jobs. The companies have KYC (Know Your Customer) policies that the candidates should be well aware of to satisfy existing customers and generate more of them.

8. Computer Graphics: A graphics designer is always in demand. Graduates in Audio Production, Video Production, and Game Development and other similar fields have opportunities to explore in the organizational context. Companies are expecting skills and knowledge in creating apps, coding, typography, creativity, etc. in the aspirants.

Skills are earned the advantage of an individual- it never expires. These skills that we know is not something that we uphold for a particular year but for the years to come…It is, hence essential that aspirants keep an up-to-date track on the latest technologies and market feeds for being continuously on the rise for the right job and bright future and polish your skills!

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