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blog-LinkedIn’s Decade Old Triumphant Journey in India!
LinkedIn’s Decade Old Triumphant Journey in India!
LinkedIn’s Decade Old Triumphant Journey in India! innoadmin

LinkedIn that instigated in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 by Reid Hoffman is a professional networking site. LinkedIn is the meeting place of job seekers and job providers and is the most opted professional networking site with very strong community users in the now. Even though the US is LinkedIn’s fastest-growing market, India has had a 20% growth in these 10 years and is LinkedIn’s one of the most potential markets outside the US.

The professional networking site LinkedIn is very appealing for a job searching arena. The networking site is as contented as a social media platform in terms of its utility factor. In these 10 years of its operation in India, LinkedIn users have grown from 3.4 million to 62 million. The last 4 years of LinkedIn operation in India has had double the usual trajectory compared to other periods.   

The Head of LinkedIn operations in India Ashutosh Gupta was quoted saying, “We are excited to celebrate 10 strong and successful years of LinkedIn in India, a decade of connecting India’s professionals to diverse opportunities. It has been an exciting journey to see the platform, the member base, and our teams grow from strength to strength.”

LinkedIn is a Microsoft-owned platform that has more than 660 million registered users, thus making it the world’s largest professional networking site. LinkedIn was focusing on lessening the ‘Network Gap’ and this was their motive behind building a strong professional network. LinkedIn believed that building a strong professional network comes with additional perks like job satisfaction and better access to plenty of employment opportunities.

LinkedIn that began its operations back in November 2009, today has more than 5,00,000 active jobs and 5,57,000 companies listed in it. That indeed is a huge fount of career and networking opportunities to be explored!

Gupta added, “To celebrate this milestone, we also announce the Top Voices 2019 India List featuring our most engaged members who have helped create stronger communities and conversations on the platform.” LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2019 India List included government luminary Kiran Bedi, spiritual leader Sadhguru, stand-up comedian Rahul Subramaniam, business leader Poonam Barua, and entrepreneur Adhil Shetty.

Globally, LinkedIn has an ever time high rate of member engagement on the LinkedIn feed at the rate of 27% every year and the records are on a high for feed content, original content and video content engagements on the platform.

India’s growing technical and engineering talents were routed rightly to LinkedIn’s R&D department established in Bangalore in November 2011. Presently, the R&D center is engaged in building community products for LinkedIn’s global members and is also the Global Trust Organization’s strategic partner.


LinkedIn’s Route Map of Growing into a 62 Million Strong Community in India:

  • LinkedIn sets up the first office in India in 2019
  • Began R&D center in Bangalore in November 2011
  • Apart from the US, India grows to the largest community of users in 2012
  • Grows into a 20 million-strong community in India in 2013
  • Priyanka Chopra & Sachin Tendulkar joined LinkedIn as influencers in 2016-17
  • Launch of LinkedIn Lite, an app made in India for India in 2017
  • Grows into a 50 million strong-community in India in 2018
  • Launched LinkedIn events in India for the world in 2019

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