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blog-Is Job Hopping a Pro or a Con?
Is Job Hopping a Pro or a Con?
Is Job Hopping a Pro or a Con? innoadmin

Job hopping is a very tempting trend that incumbents follow for building a strategic career realization. There is a bunch of stuff that the job aspirers and job pursuers should know about the ‘best and worst’ of Job Hopping and this means Job Hopping has a ‘best’ and ‘worst’ factor. In this article, we will be addressing various concerns about Job Hopping like:

  • What does Job Hopping stand for?
  • Is it advantageous or disadvantageous?
  • How is Job Hopping perceived by organizations and individuals?

What is Job Hopping?

What Job Hopping is, points to who job hoppers are. When personnel holds very short term career graph in different organizations or in other words if an employee switches organizations very often, then he is categorized as a ‘Job Hopper’.

This is not applicable for agreed contracts like seasonal positions, time-specific employment or internships.

What are the Pros & Cons of Job Hopping?

Job Hopping can be advantageous for individuals as their career graph scale new heights in terms of income generation. However, for inexperienced or less experienced employees, it is a highly risky option. If an employee job hops frequently, then it becomes a question of his credibility. Organizations while studying his resume gets the picture that the candidate often changes his jobs, it might raise some eyebrows. Don’t create that room for making your hiring manager skeptical about you, especially if you are in the initial stages of your career.

If you have enough experience in the industry and is transforming into a job hopper, then the risks associated stands low. It is inferred from a recent study that if a person has changed 10 jobs in 5 years, he will be regarded as a job hopper. In this case, the chances of hiring manager recruiting you to their organization might turn a little bit tentative.

Job Hopping stands unique in the company’s and the individual’s perspective. Let’s see how:  

  • Job hopping In the Organizations Perspective: Organizations have different observation levels for Job Hopping. For experienced candidates, the risk that job hopping possess in his resume might be negligible. For inexperienced candidates, this Job Hopping pattern will largely draw the hiring manager’s attention and chances are thick that he rejects you in the initial stages of recruitment itself.
  • Job Hopping in The Candidate’s Perspective: It is always best to exercise caution for inexperienced candidates when it comes to job hopping. It is a rightful decision for an individual to grow with an organization in a symbiotic relationship, where both benefits from each other. But once the candidate establishes as an experienced employee, Job Hopping can be the contributing factor for an exponential growth in the income that he generates.


Job Hopping even though can be justified multiple ways with reference to an individual; the organization will be in a position to resolve a number of issues that requires to be addressed like:

  • Is the candidate light-hearted towards various organizational challenges?
  • Is candidate not having a convincing background of fitting in to teams?
  • Is the candidate having an unfaithful attitude towards organization?
  • Will there be requirement of too much training period for the candidate?
  • In the run for up scaling the salary statistics, will the candidate leave the organization in the near future?

When there are lots of mayhems associated with Job Hopping and its admirers, this trend have always been in the pursuit and in good form. A critical self-examination might help you to reach the rightful conclusions as of whether or not to become a Job Hopper! Good luck with that…!

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