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blog-Instagram & Twitter: Indian Companies’ Newest Recruitment Partner
Instagram & Twitter: Indian Companies’ Newest Recruitment Partner
Instagram & Twitter: Indian Companies’ Newest Recruitment Partner innoadmin

Indian companies have always adhered to new-fangled ways and methodologies when it comes to hiring new personnel. The latest news in this regard is the Indian companies’ interest in headhunting candidates from social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The industry insiders and the talent acquisition team is spending a considerable amount of time these days in studying and estimating whether or not these fresh minds are suitable for their companies.

Industry giants like Infosys, Wipro, IBM and Accenture who are regular handlers of Twitter and who have a huge follower base has recently started crawling into the twitter account of their prospective employees. The companies believe that the social media handling of this likely personnel will give them a good idea about the personal orientation of these candidates. The study of these potential candidates through their social media linkage can help the companies infer in-prior about the behavior of the individuals matching their expectations.

How can Instagram be a company’s favorite destination in search of employees? Well, companies believe that picture-heavy and personal showcasing happens on Instagram. It can be used to make more friendly connections with probable employees.

IBM’s approach towards this trend is really catchy! They have recently launched a page called “LifeatIBM’ on Instagram with the notion of sharing the employees’ views about their job, IBM work culture, etc. under the fun post-genre.

‘Accenture’ also has an exclusive Instagram page for hiring millennials and other adjacent appoints and this works well for a company like Accenture who has more than 40000 Instagram followers.

‘Capgemini’ for instance, equip their recruiters with the knowledge to use social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram. As a result of a campaign highlighting the employees’ experience at Capgemini, the company experienced a 319% rise in web traffic for their careers page, which is a good indicator of the impact of social media on employee hunt. It is also to be noted that after taking a step as such, there has been plenty of post updates on the company’s official page as well as the employees’ social media platforms.

The case is no different for SAP who has a ‘social job sharing tool’ or for Dunzo who has their employees as well as users employed as acting recruiters. The social media platform especially Twitter and Instagram has helped Dunzo in procuring employees in the creative and engineering roles. Dunzo also remarked that 80% of the incoming resumes come from social media.

In addition to utilizing social media for obtaining employees in serious roles like engineering, it is also the best place for assessing candidates that can be qualified to the roles vacant in creative writing, public relations, photography, fashion, etc.

Companies are researching their prospective employees with the other intentions to double-check on like validating credentials and other personal information. Now there is a brand new reason for the more than 70% global Instagram users (that falls under the age of 35) and Twitter users to engage more in these platforms.

Henceforth, what you as a job hunter must take care of? Since your social media account has become the decisive factor of whether or not you are eligible to be absorbed into a particular company, you must take extra precautions about the content you choose to post and share in your walls. Especially if you aspire to be part of Indian multinationals like Wipro, TCS, etc., be alarmed that you are under social media surveillance measures of these companies. Any major trends that the MNCs follow are soon adopted by other smart companies too. It is guaranteed that this trend is sure to stay as many organizations are implementing this technique in their recruitment process.

In the now, becoming smart is how fairly you manage your social media accounts and not simply strolling around sharing unimportant affairs that can cost your opportunity to work in India’s leading organizations!

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