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blog-How to Set Short & Long Term Goals for Your Career?
How to Set Short & Long Term Goals for Your Career?
How to Set Short & Long Term Goals for Your Career? innoadmin

Setting goals for your career might not be a convincing affair for the most of us. But there are ultimately benefits that we can benefit from with properly setting the goals that are short term and long term. Basically, setting goals for your career is like making vision and mission statements for organization. In your efforts, these can act as your catalysts for realizing the set goals.

Short Term Goals:

The objectives that are set for a short period of time are generally grouped under short term goals. The short term goals can be those aims that a person set as his/her stepping stones towards achieving the long terms.  It might range from a few days or months to 1 year.

Short term goals can include:

  • Attending a class
  • Attending training or internships for added advantages while doing job search
  • Writing a resume in pursuit of a job is short termed

Long Term Goals:

Long term goals are life goals that you accomplish over several years of effort and work. Long term can range from more than a year to 5 or 10 or more years. The level of accomplishment of your long term goals is the measurement of success factor in your life.

Long term goals can include:

  • Joining college/universities for attaining dream job
  • Planning and actualizing one’s own business
  • Reaching the top management position in a company

How to Achieve Your Goals?

Following are the methodological ways of achieving the short and long term goals:

  1. Set your short and long term goals
  2. Choose, prioritize and stay focused on the most important goals
  3. Have an idea about the measurability of your goals
  4. Set the time frame for reaching your goals
  5. Try to be positive and realistic
  6. Associate each of your goals with actions
  7. Ascertain that there could be hindrances and be prepared to face those
  8. Be flexible to change focus on your goals as your life changes

What are the differences between Short and Long term goals?

Short Term Goals

Long Term Goals

Timeline is very short

Requires regular analysis

Progress review is not required for staying in the target

Long term requires valuation and re-valuation on a timely basis

Helps in achieving long term goals

Helps in achieving life goals

Regarded as a technique supporting Foresightedness

Long term goals is your tool for Farsightedness

We suggest that you don’t take setting your goals lightly. “What are your short term goals?” and “What are your long term goals?” are interviewee’s favorite questions that they ask the job candidates. By asking this question, the interviewee is trying to measure and understand the various parameters of the candidates like focus, determination, time management, dedication, likes and interests.


Having targets in life is what motivates you in propelling forward to desired results. It is hence very important to make plans and put it in to action through short and long term goal setting. So when are you planning you short term and long term goals?

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