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Difference between CV and Resume
Difference between CV and Resume innoadmin

If you are a job aspirant, you might have come across preparing portfolio, CV or resume. It is essential for a candidate who has finished a graduation course or a post-graduation course or is in search for a job to prepare a smart resume or a CV.

As far as a job aspirer is concerned, his resume or CV is the first impression that the company will have about you. When you enter an office where you have been called upon for an interview, the first thing you hand over to the concerned official will be the resume or CV that you have prepared along with other certificates and citations. The company will go through your resume/CV and will have a primary inference of whether or not you should be hired. This is why you should have a thorough understanding of the Resume or CV which is the maiden catalyst for your job search.

Let’s take a quick glance through what CV and resume is…

What is Resume?

Resume is a brief description of your communication details, educational details and employment details (if any) along with the skills and other accomplishments and other relevant background history

What is CV?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is more of a detailed description that extensively depicts the complete record of a candidate’s career along with other germane details.

Difference between Resume and CV:



Summary of candidate’s skills and experience

Highly expressive document about the subject’s career

Personalized to the position applied

Unaltered for any position

It is suits more with the purpose of the applicant

Follows sequential order of subject’s education, other experiences and work

Mostly, private sector prefers resume

CV is more preferred by public sector establishments

Hence, it is very vital for a job aspirant to have a crystal clear idea of what a resume/CV is and what difference the two have! Only if the difference is known can the aspirant prepare a suitable resume/CV and carry to the interview whichever is appropriate (certain companies will specifically ask for CV while some other companies will only need your resume). Now you know the significance and variance of Resume and CV. Prepare the suitable one’s for your interview and good luck with your job search!!!

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