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blog-Developing Soft Skills for a Rewarding Career
Developing Soft Skills for a Rewarding Career
Developing Soft Skills for a Rewarding Career innoadmin

Consider you are attending an interview. You are asked to be present at the hiring manager’s office at a certain specified time. Say, you managed to reach the place on time. But you created a bad impression already if you could not keep up with the following basic stuff:

  • You did not knock and waited for the recruiting officer’s response
  • Hopped in the room without asking, “May I enter?”
  • Took your seat without waiting for the “Please be seated!” permit from the recruiter

‘To behave’ in your workplace is very important! While your academic excellence can you show you the right path to your dream career, what sustains you and makes you excel in the career chosen is the Soft Skills that you developed over the years.

What Are Soft Skills?

Your academic performances are statistical and you have the necessary citations and certificates to prove it and these constitute your hard skills. What is immeasurable and not quantifiable is the Soft Skills that you are trained in. It can only be estimated by observing your behavior in an organization. This behavioral study begins right from the time of your recruitment to the time when you are part of the system.

The goodness in you as a productive employee is gauged with the soft skills that you possess. Even though not tangible or measurable in anyways, Soft Skills comes to your support for the short term as well as long term goals of your career. Let’s try to perceive how Soft Skills can be the best technique for a productive career.

Difference between Hard Skills & Soft Skills

Hard Skill

Soft Skill

A degree or a certificate


Machine operation


Software knowledge


Proficiency in a foreign language


Typing proficiency

Time management

Types of Soft Skills for You Career Success:

Communication: A clear and healthy communication is what you require for a productive outcome as far as work deliverance is concerned. The clarity in your thoughts has to reflect in your communication whether it is verbal or written. Properly communicating affairs backed by the right tone in delivering the message can gain the co-operation and support of your employees in getting things done.

Teamwork: An organization and its deliverables are never restricted to a single person. It is the outcome of many incumbents and their dedicated teamwork. Coagulating in the right proportion the varied talents of the individuals in a team and working unanimously towards achieving a set goal will rightly constitute teamwork’s victory. It is only natural that a team constituting different members has a different opinion on various affairs. Agreeing on a common conclusion and productively propelling the teamwork is what drives the organization.

Adaptability: Several internal and external factors affect the continuity in organizational processes. It is very important to resume from the interference of a breakdown to successfully delivering projects. Employees should always be opportune and ready with alternative approaches and nullify the discontinuity factor affecting their deliverances. A secondary approach to achieving tasks is always advisable so that in case of ‘dead-end’ in any process that you undertake, there will always be a back-up plan to support your tasks.

Problem Solving: When there is an obstruction in your task, the better you find the solutions the more appreciated you can get. But when you feel that it is not handy and need advice from your presiding officers, it should have opted without hesitation. But just that you should know, you will be more appreciated for solving problems on your own. But when things get out of hand, don’t tug with trouble but take the experts’ recommendation.

Conflict Resolution: Employees are different and the difference of might occur at the workplace. But to productively work in a troublesome environment and getting over the undesirable insinuations is what an organization expects from its employees. It would be better if the issues in the work environment are addressed promptly and directly to the particular person or team for immediate rectification actions.

Leadership: In a team when you expose leadership quality, chances are thick to get more visibility in the organization. What you need is confidence, clear vision and influence among your peers to take the rightful and evenhanded decisions at the time of need. If you have excellent leadership qualities, you may even have the opportunity to gradually take over the wheels and become part of the organization’s bequest.


Being poised at work and exercising caution is very important before making even the lightest of decisions at work. Apart from the hard skills that you have acquired, training oneself in soft skills makes you and polishes you with the most desired qualities that companies look for. Basically, in your effort to showcase your soft skill talents try not to get too clumsy at work for it can cost you your job!

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