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15 years of Gmail
15 years of Gmail innoadmin

It’s been 15 years since the birth of Gmail! There will be only a minority of people on the planet without a Gmail account. Around the world, there are 1.5 billion people using Gmail. Gmail has always helped people manage their personal and work lives with innovations like priority inbox, smart labels and spam filtering to smart reply, smart compose and nudges. All these innovations are well contained in the security limits of Google.

The change over the 15 years is tremendous and on this 15th year of its celebration, Google has come up with new user-friendly features:

Smart compose: It is the predictive freezing text type of feature i.e. when you type in ‘Hi All’, the rest is predictive like ‘How are you doing?’ which saves you from typing. The feature is also available in the subject line. Also, it allows personalization with the usage of a particular language or slang.

Undo send: If you feel a mail shouldn’t have been sent or you should not have included somebody in the recipients’ list, you can undo the action, only it has to be done in a few seconds (because that would be enough time). Thus you can retrieve it in the outbox and amend it.

Nudging: What if you read an email and forget to respond? Or you send an email and it doesn’t get responded to. For 2-3 days Gmail will resurface those emails saying ‘Hey you got this email 3 days ago. You need to respond to it now.’ or ‘you sent this email 3 days ago, you need to get a follow up’ which is phenomenal. This might save you from losing these emails in the crack.

Snooze: On Mondays, most of the users receive a large influx of emails in your inbox; you have to read all of them which are demanding. Also, some of them might be non-origin and you need not to address right at that time. You just need to press ‘News’ brings it back at the top of your inbox in a couple of hours and read it then. Your inbox can get messy at times, but with Nudging and Snooze, you can avoid such issues.

There is no wonder that Gmail has gained such a wide span of users ranging from a school going user to a senior citizen. From the 1GB storage space featured in April 1, 2014 Gmail has now become 50MB storable mail platform in March 2017 and its success story continues…

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