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Embedded and IoT Training in Kochi

We are aware of the opportunity and the gap between the education system and industry. Here we have tailored some training programs to bridge it and get the core opportunities for the Electronics Students. These are built with a focus on highly intensive, industry oriented and practical concepts. Those who come to us will get pushed to the job and entrepreneurship opportunities as they get confidence in the Electronic, Embedded, IoT domains.

Certified Embedded System Engineer

1 Month Course

Certified Embedded System Professional

1 Month Course

Certified Embedded System-IoT Professional

1 Month Course

Certified MATLAB Programmer

2 Weeks Course

Electronic Hardware Design Engineer

1 Week Course

Certified LabVIEW Developer

2 Weeks Course

CEE: Certified Embedded System Engineer

Candidates will get an in-depth knowledge of Microcontroller programming and designing of embedded system applications. This course includes various aspects of embedded programming, application development and implementation. Microcontrollers used for this level training will be 8bit Microcontrollers such as 8051/PIC/AVR/Arduino.

  • Duration : 1 Month
  • Qualification : B.Tech/BE/B.Sc/M.Sc Electronics(ECE/AEI/EEE/EI/IC)

CEP: Certified Embedded System Professional

This training program mainly consist of the advance level of Embedded system-IoT Engineer and included the advance Embedded C/C++ and developments in 16/32 bit microcontroller. Real Time Operating System (RTOS), Embedded Linux, Device driver development and latest advancement in 32 bit level.

  • Duration : 1 Month
  • CEIE/ 6 months relevant experience

EHDE: Electronic Hardware Design Engineer

Any software performance depends on the hardware platform, and obviously hardware design is important in the development of embedded system and also in normal electronic system design. This training mainly focused on the Hardware and PCB Design, Product Design and interacting with other design departments.

  • Duration : 1 Week
  • Qualification : B.Tech/BE/B.Sc/M.Sc Electronics(ECE/AEI/EEE/EI/IC)

CEIP: Certified Embedded System-IoT Professional

Internet of Things (IoT) now get tighten with the human life and as the time goes its getting more utilizable. As an embedded system Engineer, you can give the concentrations to the IoT developments. This training program focused on the latest IoT development as what the industry want and includes different IoT platform and connectivity options.

  • Duration : 1 Month
  • Qualification : CEIE/ 6 months relevant experience

CMP: Certified MATLAB Programmer

A training program designed for the candidate wish to excel in Basic MATLAB programming, Signal Processing, Image processing and customised programming in different domain.

  • Duration : 2 Weeks

CLD: Certified LabVIEW Developer

In worldwide, researchers and scientist in different domains like Automation, Robotics, Embedded, Signal processing, Image processing etc. are using LabVIEW as a platform for their simulation, testing and validation of design. This training includes the Labview programming included in core 1 and 2 of National Instruments

  • Duration : 2 Weeks
extra preparation

For entering into the awesome world of corporates you should have some extra powers and we are ready to give that X Factor.

  • Detailed Mock Interviews We will give you a real-time interview experience, which can give you more confidence and that extra edge.
  • Resume Building & LinkedIn Tips Social media presence can make you a cynosure in the job market and we knows how to make it real. Ofcourse, a good resume can give that expected first impression.
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